Stay Visa

Stay visas are a great option for foreign nationals looking to work and invest in the Philippines, or simply visit. We offer Work Visas, Invest Visas, and Stay Visas that are perfect for any situation.

Stay Visas allow foreign nationals who already have a Work Visa or Invest Visa to stay in the Philippines longer than they would under normal circumstances – this mostly caters to foreign nationals who would want to retire and live in the Philippines with either their dependents of just themselves permanently — you can extend your Stay Visa depending on the type you apply for!

Here are some of the stay visas offered in the Philippines: 

  • SCDV Visa or Subic-Clark Dependent’s Visa


Temporary Philippine Visas that may be applicable to you: 

  • 9(a) Visa or Philippine Temporary Visitor’s/Tourist Visa
  • TRV Visa or Philippine Temporary Visa
    • Special Return Certificate


Other applications that may be applicable to you:


Other articles that may be applicable to you: 

  • Travel Documents you might need
  • Traveling Abroad with your Illegitimate Child
  • Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR//ACR I-Card) Processing
    • You don’t have an ACR? You may want to read our article about Emergency Leave without an ACR: What are my options? 
    • ACR Cancellation
    • ACR Temporary
    • Annual Report Assistance for ACR Holders
  • Non-Derogatory Records with the Bureau of Immigration Philippines


If your passport is expiring and you’re unsure what will be the status of your Visa Stamp, you might want to check out our article about Re-Stamping in the Philippines

Invest Visa

This is an excellent way for foreign investors who want to invest in Philippine companies but don’t want to live here permanently.

Top Invest Visa: SIRV Visa | ASRV Visa | 9(D) Visa

Full list of Invest Visas.

Work Visa

Work Visas allow foreign nationals to work in the Philippines temporarily. They can be used for travel, business trips, or even long-term employment.

Top Work Visa: 9(g) Visa | SVEG Visa | PEZA 47(a)(2) Visa

Full list of Work Visas.

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Note: Immigration laws in the Philippines can change unexpectedly. This means that eligibility for visas, required documents, processing times, visa validity, and other visa application information may be subject to updates. To stay informed, we advise consulting with our Immigration and Visa Specialists.