Student Visa and Permanent Skilled Migration in Australia

Are you looking to experience what it is like to study abroad? Then Australia may be the country for you. 

Australia has a wide array of courses and study programs that will surely spark your interest. For you to be able to study in Australia, you must have and apply for a student visa. 

There are a number of requirements that you need to submit to be able to process your application, such as one’s proficiency in the English language, Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements, health and character requirements, and the proof of financial status of the applicant. 

International students are required to apply for a Subclass 500 student visa

To be able to apply for the processing of this visa, you must have either a letter of offer for the course that you have applied to from the school that you wish to attend in or you may also submit the Confirmation of Enrollment, which indicates that you are enrolled in the specific program of the educational institution. 

Passing the approved standard English tests is also required as proof that the applicant is proficient in the usage of the English language. To show that the applicant is financially capable to shoulder his or her studies abroad, proof of adequate financial funding must also be provided. Applicants must also have the Overseas Student Health Cover which shall be valid over the duration covered by the stay of the applicant in the country. Other mandatory verification are criminal checks and health checks, as well.   

A student visa would permit the visa holder to work for twenty (20) hours a week while studying.  If the course is on break, the work rights would be unlimited until the course resumes.

If a student visa applicant has a family, he or she may bring her family to Australia as secondary applicants.  All the family members must satisfy the criteria imposed on the primary applicant.

On the other hand, for those who wish to live permanently and work without restriction in Australia, applicants may want to apply for a Permanent Skilled Migration. There are various pathways to apply for Permanent Skilled Migration and we shall discuss them in detail through individual consultation.  The process and criteria on Permanent Skilled Migration are different from that of student visas.

Holders of this visa may also be able to sponsor their relatives who are of eligible status. If they themselves are eligible as well, they may apply for citizenship in Australia, too.  

Our firm provides Immigration Services outbound in Australia

Our Professional Fee for processing the Student Visa includes the:  

  • Preparation of Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement; verification of English Language Proficiency (waivable); and Overseas Health Cover (a precondition to the application that can only be obtained in Australia). 
  • On the other hand, you must provide us Proof of Funds, being the main applicant (benchmarked at AUD 22,000 [AUD 1 = Php 38], and incremented if family members will be joining); and your Transcript of School Records

Any government and miscellaneous expenses are excluded from the professional fee (which is billed separately).

For the Permanent Skilled Migration, which involves:

  • a multi-step application involving express of interest, skills assessment, and the visa application, our law firm offers an installments/stage-by-stage payment plan for our profession fees. 

Any government and miscellaneous expenses are excluded from the professional fee (which is  billed separately).

Both Visa processing will be handled in close coordination with our Foreign Legal Consultant who is an accredited registered migration agent in Australia and a qualified solicitor in New South Wales, Australia. 

For further information and assistance regarding the Student Visa and Permanent Skilled Migration, contact and schedule an appointment with our Legal & Visa team at Duran & Duran-Schulze Law. Call us today at (+632) 8478 5826 or send an email to for an appointment.

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