Philippine Work Visa or 9G Visa

A Philippine work visa or 9G visa entitles its holder the capability to work in the country. It entails a change of status to Pre-Arranged Employee, under Section 9(g) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, thus the name. A Philippine work visa is secured from the Bureau of Immigration.

Basically, it gives the foreigner the right to engage in a lawful occupation in the Philippines. A 9G visa also signifies that the holder is indispensable to the management or administration of the local or locally-based firm where he or she is employed.

How to Get a Philippine Work Visa – 9G Visa Philippines

As a foreigner, what should I do to obtain a 9G visa?

For starters, the local or locally-based company you will work for must file a petition for you to obtain this visa. Assignments with a duration of fewer than six months usually require an application for a Special Work Permit, while assignments with a duration of more than six months require an Alien Employment Permit(AEP).

You should also file for a separate Philippines Alien Employment Permit (AEP) from the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment as a required accompaniment to your work visa application.

To stress the importance of an AEP, please note that the Bureau of Immigration will not issue you a 9G working visa unless you have obtained the AEP from the Department of Labor and Employment.


Who is qualified to apply for a 9G visa and the Alien Employment Permit (AEP)?

Application for the 9G visa from the Bureau of Immigration and the AEP from the Department of Labor and Employment are usually for foreign nationals who are:

a. Seeking employment in the Philippines;
b. Professionals allowed to practice their profession in the Philippines;
c. Holders of SIRV, SRRV, Treaty Trader visa 9(d), or Special Non-immigrant Visa for executive, advisory, supervisory, or technical positions.

Foreign nationals who want to work in the Philippines must be petitioned by their local or locally-based employers. Proof that no other person in the Philippines is better suited for the position given to the foreign national must be presented.

Once your application is underway and is awaiting approval, you must obtain a provisional permit to work, which you can get from the Bureau of Immigration. This permit is valid for 3 months upon date of issuance.

What are the requirements I need to submit to the Bureau of Immigration?

The following documents are required for the application of a 9G working visa:

  1. Duly accomplished application form;
  2. Notarized document from your local or locally-based employer;
  3. Alien Employment Permit from the Department of Labor and Employment;
  4. Clearance certificate from the Bureau of Immigration;
  5. Alien Certificate of Registration; and
  6. Applicant’s passport.


Additional documents might be needed depending on the nature of employment of the applicant in the Philippines.

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