Visa Downgrade: Everything You Need To Know

According to the Bureau of Immigration (BI), an application for a visa downgrade entails the reversion of a foreign national’s visa to a temporary visitor or tourist to continue his legal stay in the Philippines.

To simply put, if you are a foreigner who has Pre-arranged Employee Commercial or Non-Commercial Visa, Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage or Temporary Resident Visa, 47(A)(2) Visa, Special Visas, or 9(E) visa, and you are no longer employed in the Philippines, you need to downgrade your visa to a temporary visitor or tourist visa.

 The steps as provided by the BI for Visa Downgrade are:

  1. Present the letter request for downgrading and other requirements to the office of the Bureau of Immigration.
    1. State the reasons for downgrading (i.e. resignation, termination, late filing of extension of visa or dissolution of the company, etc.)
    2. If filed by the applicant, indicate his/her address and contact numbers
    3. If filed by a petitioning company, firm or agency, a letter must be in the representative’s letterhead with address and contact numbers.
  2. Get the Order of Payment Slip.
  3. Pay the required immigration fees. *fees subject to change
  4. Get the Official Receipt.
  5. Submit an official receipt with the other requirements for downgrading.
  6. If approved, present passport for implementation.
  7. Claim the passport stamped with the downgraded visa.

Additional requirements per visa:

For Pre-Arranged Employee Commercial Visa and Non-Commercial Visa (Missionary)

Certificate of Employment/Certification of Missionary work from the petitioning Company/Congregation

Non-quota immigrant visa by marriage or temporary resident visa

Request must come from the applicant and/or spouse indicating their residential address and contact number/s, photocopy of marriage certificate or contract

47(A)(2) Visa or Special Non-Immigrant Visa

DOJ indorsement granting the visa and proof of downgrading from the DOJ

Special Visa (CWV, SCWV, SCIV, FMW, etc)

Cancellation order from the Economic Zone Authorities

9(E) visa or Accredited Foreign Government Officials

Certificate of employment from the Embassy/Consulate/International Organization, Endorsement from Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and copy of Embassy’s Note Verbale if applicable


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