Requesting for PSA (Formerly NSO) Certificates

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) which was created on September 12, 2013 by virtue of the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013 (Republic Act No. 10625) signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III, merging what we formerly know as the National Statistics Office, the National Statistical Coordination Board, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics. This is the governing body that serves as the central statistical authority on the data collection of the Philippine government.

Requesting for birth, marriage, death or CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) certificates from the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority), has become easier, thanks to the PSA Online application site,

You can get your request processed using the site’s step-by-step function, including payment of the application fee. The certificate you request will be delivered to you through the PSA’s courier service.

The PSA advises that if you apply online, you can get the requested certificate three to nine days after payment, depending on where you are in the Philippines.

If you need the certificate within one to two days, applying in person at a Census Serbilis Center is the faster option. If you apply in person, there’s a good chance you will get the certificate on the same day.

It’s important to note, however, that these timetables do not apply to a birth/death/marriage that took place less than six months before the application. In such cases, the processing takes more time, normally two to four months in Metro Manila, and at least six months outside Metro Manila.

Whether you apply online or in-person, you have to prepare certain information and supporting documents.

What You Need for Online Application

Here’s a breakdown of what you will need for online application:

  • Online application form– You will be asked to provide personal information on the application form, including the purpose of the request
  • Batch Request Number and Request Reference Number– Both these numbers will be generated by the website after you submit your application form. You will need these numbers in paying the application fee/s.

The Batch Request Number is used in paying for an entire batch of requests.

The Request Reference Number is used in paying for individual certificate requests.

  • Payment – Check the website for fee schedules. If the requested certificate will be delivered within the Philippines, you may pay through a BDO or Union Bank branch, or online via BDO or Union Bank Online Banking.

If the requested certificate will be delivered to another country, check out the website for accredited payment channels.

Once you’ve made the payment online or have entered the transaction number (if you paid through a bank branch) into the system, wait a few days to receive the requested certificate.

What You Need for In-Person Application

You will need:

  • a valid ID
  • if you’re applying for somebody else’s certificate, you will need their valid ID and authorization letter
  • Official Receipt – this will be given to you upon payment and should be presented at the appropriate window so you can claim the requested certificate

Expediting Applications

If the birth/marriage/death occurred less than 6 months prior to the application, and you need the certificate as soon as possible, you can file for “advance endorsement” at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where the birth/marriage/death took place. For a certain fee, the LCRO can forward a copy of the requested certificate to the PSA ahead of their normal sending schedule.

Some LCRO may allow that you send the certificate copy to the PSA yourself, using a courier service. Once this is done, you may request for the certificate through the website, but provide the courier details to the PSA via phone or email.

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