Processing your PRC Renewal and Validation: What To Do?

The renewal process for obtaining your Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license is made convenient with PRC’s online system for license renewal, Licensure Examination & Registration Information System (LERIS)


Step-by Step Guide to Renew Your PRC License


1. Register your account


If this is your first time to use LERIS, you will need to create your account first. You will input your personal information during the creation of your account.


2. Validate your account


You will receive an email message in your email inbox. Open the email validation sent by the PRC. You will then be redirected to a page to validate your email. 


Input your email address and password, then submit. After successful validation, click the button to be redirected to the online services website of PRC.


3. Sign In


You can now sign in at the LERIS. 


4. Fill out your personal information


You will need to fill in on your contact details, family background, education, employment and valid ID details.


5. Upload your photo


Photo must be in 2 x 2 size, in plain white background, taken no more than 6 months earlier and the applicant must wear decent attire with a collar to avoid delay or disapproval.


Note that your photo must be in a .jpg file.


6. Select transaction for renewal


You will need to select your profession and input your license number, then proceed.


7. Set your appointment, select your claiming option and pay the necessary fees


You will select your preferred PRC regional office for processing your renewal.


Note that you can reschedule your appointment by selecting a new appointment date and input reason for selecting the new appointment date.


You can either claim your ID in your chosen PRC regional office or have it shipped to your shipping address.


If you opt to pick up your new PRC ID, you also have the option of appointing an authorized representative to claim it on your behalf.  A Special Power of Attorney will be required for representatives who wish to transact with the PRC.  Issuing a Special Power of Attorney may also be more convenient to you if you are already abroad. 


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