What To Do in Case of Leak Coming from Above in A Condo

Being a condominium resident has its pros and cons. One of the cons that one might face in leasing or owning a condominium unit are the defects in the form of cracks or leaks that might appear over time. A number of reasons can be the cause of these cracks or leaks, such as plumbing works, extreme weather conditions such as a typhoon, or structural issues to the building itself. 


There are instances when leaks are experienced by the unit below coming from the unit above, staining the ceiling and causing water damage thereto. It is important to properly identify who caused the leak to be able to address the issue to the proper party responsible for it and to be able to ask them for repairs.


Upon seeing the signs of leakage in your unit, it is vital that photos and videos of where the leak is located and up to what extent the damage has caused to your unit must be taken. This is so you can present the necessary proof to the unit above or to management that leakage has been happening to your unit coming from an above source.        


Talk to the unit above you, stating that leakage problems have been happening to your unit. By working together with them, both you and the unit above can help each other in pinpointing the source of the leakage happening to your unit. 


Correspondence to the condominium management must also be done by the condominium resident so as to give them a heads up that certain damages through leakage have happened to your unit. If the above unit has not been informed that a leakage that may have started from their unit has affected the unit below, management can inform them of such. If the problem does not lie with any issues coming from the above unit, it may then come from issues from the building itself, which then management is better suited to address the problem.  


To initiate this, the condominium resident can inform the management through a letter, email, or any form of correspondence, indicating the pertinent details needed such as the date as to when the first instance of the leakage happened, how long it has been happening, what actions have been done on how to address this, and the further action that management needs to do to solve the issue. Working hand in hand with management can help resolve problems as quickly as possible.


Lastly, you can opt to approach a lawyer to seek legal advice as to how to proceed in resolving the issues at hand. Need further information and assistance regarding what to do in case of a leak coming from above in a condo? Talk to our team at Duran & Duran-Schulze Law to know more about the requirements and process. Call us today at (+632) 8478 5826 or send an email to info@duranschulze.com for more information.

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