When do I need a Provisional Work Permit (PWP)?

The Philippines, as a country, is known to be a welcoming and hospitable country. It is not new that many foreign nationals want to work and stay here for good. This does not, however, do away with the legal requirements to work. A foreigner who desires to work in the Philippines must secure both an Alien Employment Permit and a 9(g) pre-arranged employment visa. The application process takes time, but there is a way for foreigners to continue their employment while waiting for their visas to be approved.


The Bureau of Immigration grants special permits, which include a Provisional Work Permit or PWP.


PWP is available to foreign nationals who: (1) entered the Philippines for business, pleasure, or health purposes; (2) want to commence, or have commenced work in the Philippines; (3) have their visa application, either the Alien Employment Permit or 9(g) pre-arranged employment pending approval.


Steps to Apply for a Provisional Work Permit (PWP)

  1. You must bring the following:
    1. Checklist with complete documentary requirements
    2. Application formsecure the Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF) from either at the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at BI G/F Main Office or from the official Bureau of Immigration Website.
    3. Additional information on the applicant’s children (if needed)
  2. Submit the documents for pre-screening to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) or to the frontline officer or staff of other Immigration Offices able to process this transaction.
  3. Get the Order of Payment Slip (OPS).
  4. Pay the required fees for a total of PhP4,040.00. *total amount currently on BI’s website
  5. Submit a copy of the Official Receipt.
  6. Get the approved PWP.


The main office of the Bureau of Immigration is at Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002. For further inquiries, you may contact them: Direct Line: (+632) 8-524-3769, Trunk Line Number (+632) 8-465-2400.


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