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Dear Atty. Duran-Schulze,

I am a foreigner planning to visit my soon to be wife in the Philippines. However, before I met her, I was convicted of a crime in my home country and sentenced for 2 years. I already rendered my rehabilitation and swore to never do it again. Can I go to the Philippines to see the love of my life?

Dear Calvin,

Our immigration law expressly provides for the exclusion of foreigners convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude. Pursuant to the Philippine Immigration Act (Commonwealth Act 613), the country prohibits the admission and entry of foreign nationals who have been identified as:

  • Sex Offenders
  • Violators of Philippine Laws
  • Criminally convicted
  • Undocumented
  • Supporters of subversive acts

Foreigners who are not aware that they are on the Black List but have committed one or some of the offenses mentioned above will be banned from entering the country.

While there is an exception (going through the Philippine secretary of justice (“SOJ”), we do not think that the request to lift it will be successful. Primarily because the Department of Justice is a department that strictly implements the laws. Any deviation will be difficult to get. Factors to consider are:

  • the registration be removed first from the registry.
  • there is a convincing benefit for the Philippines to allow the person to visit the Philippines
  • timeframe when the court order has been released

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