Ready to Join Government Bidding? You Need PhilGEPS Platinum!

It’s often said that the best client you could ever land is the government. After all, private sector clients renege on agreements all the time, while government deals are all but guaranteed to push through.

Moreover, such projects often come with lucrative contracts and an opportunity to play an active role in nation-building. Having a government agency as a client does wonders for your company’s profile and credibility as well.

That said, these plum projects are not awarded to just any supplier or contractor. If you wish to apply for them, you need to create an account on the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) platform.

What exactly is PhilGEPS?

At any given point, there are thousands of government projects available for bidding. As you’d expect, contacting each local government unit (LGU) and hammering out a deal with them is inefficient and time-consuming. 

To make the bidding process easier and more transparent, the government created PhilGEPS to serve as a centralized portal for all government procurement activities.

And the best part? You can complete your PhilGEPS accreditation online at  

Free vs. platinum membership

When you sign up for PhilGEPS, you have the option of creating either a free or platinum account.

A free account allows you to view available government projects but you cannot bid on them. In short, think of a free account as a sneak peek of the opportunities PhilGEPS offers. It’s helpful if you’re thinking of bidding for government contracts but do not yet have an idea of what projects are available.

Once you find a project you’re keen to bid on, however, it’s time to register for a platinum membership. This account also grants you a certificate that’s needed for most government procurement contracts. 

Of course, premium perks do not come free and you’ll have to pay ₱5,000 a year to maintain your membership.

Applying for PhilGEPS Platinum is also more stringent, as you’ll have to submit the following requirements:

  • Business Registration Certificate (e.g. DTI/SEC/CDA)
  • Mayor’s or Business Permit or its equivalent document
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license and registration (if applicable)
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS)
  • Sworn Statement

You can pay your membership fee directly at the PhilGEPS office at the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) office in San Miguel, Manila. Alternatively, you can visit any Landbank branch and settle your bill there. 

Thankfully, it takes only two or three banking days for your application to be processed and approved.

Crucial reminders to keep in mind

Since you’re filing your application online, be sure to provide clear scans of all your documents. They should also be collated into a single ZIP file no bigger than 10 megabytes.

Likewise, don’t forget to get your Tax Clearance Certificate from the Collection Division of the BIR’s Revenue Regional Office. Lastly, have your Sworn Statement duly notarized before you apply for PhilGEPS Platinum.

If you need help with filing your PhilGEPS application, feel free to contact the team at Duran & Duran-Schulze via +632 8478-5826 or through

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