Guide to PV 47(a)(2) PEZA VISA Application

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) introduced a new visa that will replace the previous 47(a)(2) work visa.

This change creates various benefits for applicants and eligible foreign nationals and non-resident foreign national employees of PEZA-registered ecozone businesses and their dependents.

Notable Changes and Features

  • Longer Validity of the Visa

The PV Visa is valid for a maximum period of two years and is coterminous with the period stated in the foreign national’s employment contract. It may be possible to renew the PV Visa for only one-year maximum validity which was previously available for the 47(a)(2) work visa.

Also, the application will include a notarized certification confirming that the company’s total number of foreign personnel does not exceed 5% of its total workforce.

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates

The PV applicant’s dependents are required to authenticate/apostille their marriage and birth certificates if they are issued abroad.

  • Filipino Understudies

The PEZA and BI require visa holders to train Filipino understudies, this shall be clarified and addressed further upon PEZA and BI’s release of another Memorandum Circular on the matter.

  • Streamlined Evaluation Process

The PEZA and BI have reduced the three-step evaluation process to only two steps. PEZA shall issue an Order within five working days from receipt of the PV application, and shall endorse the same to the BI for further evaluation.

After the PEZA makes a decision either approving or denying the application, the BI will then issue an order granting or denying the application.

  • New PEZA Visa (PV) Card

A PEZA Visa (PV) Card will be issued by Immigration authorities for successful applications where it was previously not available for the 47(a)(2) work visa.

The PEZA Visa (PV) Card will also serve as an additional government issued identification card in the Philippines to prove stay and work rights.

  • Transition Measures

The PEZA Foreign National Unit will transfer and process all pending 47(a)(2) work visa applications with the Department of Justice (DOJ). If approved, these pending applications will be issued as 47(a)(2) visas.

The current applicants and 47(a)(2) work visa holders must file for a new PEA Visa before the expiry of their 47(a)(2) work visa to ensure continuation of stay and work rights in the Philippines.


Additional Document Requirements for Dependent Applicants

Dependent applicants for the PEZA visa must submit authenticated/apostilled marriage certificates and birth certificates where this was not required under the 47(a)(2) work visa.

These documents must be obtained from a Philippine consular post as part of the document requirements for the PEZA visa.

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