I’m Leaving the Philippines for Good; Do I Need An ECC?

Are you planning to leave the country any time soon? Whether you are going out of the country temporarily, or you are not coming back permanently, one must need to secure an ECC. What is an ECC? An ECC is otherwise known as the Emigration Clearance Certificate. This is also called an Exit Clearance, to show that the foreign national has neither derogatory records nor no pending obligations in the country. According to the Bureau of Immigration, there are two types of ECC: ECC-A and ECC-B. Prior to departure, the following foreign nationals must have an ECC-A, according to the Bureau of Immigration: 


  • “Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six months or more; 
  • Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas; 
  • Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good; 
  • Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time; 
  • Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave; 
  • Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and have a duly approved discharge from BI.” 


Accordingly, for foreign nationals who are temporarily leaving the country and have Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards, the EEC-B shall be issued to them. 


At least seventy-two hours before leaving the Philippines, a foreign national may apply for the Emigration Clearance Certificate. This can be used from the date of issue for one month. Note, however, that the ECC can only be used once. 


If you belong to the list of foreign nationals under ECC-A, the Bureau of Immigration Office shall be in charge of the processing of the application. However, for those foreign nationals who fall under ECC-B, they can have their clearance certificate processed at the airport. 


There are a number of requirements that one must submit to process the application of the Emigration Clearance Certificate: 


  1. Application form
  2. ACRI I-Card in its original and photocopy
  3. A photocopy of the passport of the foreign national comprising the bio page, visa page, and latest arrival date
  4. A photocopy of the latest visa extension receipt
  5. If applicable to the applicant, a photocopy of the order of downgrading   
  6. 2×2 ID picture (6 pieces)


The process of securing an Emigration Clearance Certificate is fairly simple, just follow the following steps: 


  1. Bring your complete requirements to the nearest Bureau of Immigration Office in your location;
  2. Make sure that the application form has been duly filled out together with the other requirements; 
  3. Get the Order of Payment Slip after the requirements have been checked; 
  4. Payment of the fees indicated; 
  5. Submit the requirements, as well as the receipt, and wait for a claim stub to be issued to you; 
  6. Once you have a scheduled date and time or return, show the claim stub to be issued the Emigration Clearance Certificate together with the receipts;
  7. A duplicate copy of the issued Emigration Clearance Certificate shall be given to be signed prior the issuance of the Emigration Clearance Certificate and receipt in its original.  


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