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Dear Atty. Duran-Schulze,

I’m having problems correcting my birth certificate. I want to correct my middle initial from my birth certificate and change my last name to my father’s name. I also want the surname of my father to reflect on my birth certificate as well.

I do have the following issues, my father’s name on my birth certificate is blank, my mother’s name on my birth certificate is her alias and she has no documents from her childhood to show that name. 

Is it possible to just register late instead of correcting this?

Dear Moon,

In order to rectify the errors in your certificate of live birth, your remedy is to file a petition for correction before the Regional Trial Court having jurisdiction over the Local Civil Registry Office where your certificate of live birth is recorded/registered (ie. basically, in the city/province where you were born).

To indicate the name of your biological father, you will need to have a DNA test with your putative father so you can be legally recognized as your father’s child.

To correct the name of your mother, she needs to produce public documents indicating her real name, i.e Certificate of Live Birth, hospital records, school records, etc.

As to the possible late registration, although you may do this, you will have trouble in the future using that document as it might cause confusion in the long run, and having duplicate information such as your name, name of mother, date of birth, and place of birth will result to this being tagged under your name. The PSA will only release the first registration and any succeeding registration as a result of delayed registration will no longer be released.

Thus, it is legally advisable to correct your certificate of live birth instead of making a late registration.

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